Key words

K. S. Puzyrev. European Regionalism: from Concept to Reality

Key words: European regionalism, European integration, decentralisation, Europe of regions, regional actors, national states, small state, non-state nations


E. N. Chernova. Principle of Federalism Application at the Transition of Russia to Informational Society

Key words: federalism, informational society, digital inequality, regional informatisation


V. I. Gostenina, S. A. Shilina. Communicative Administrative Code of a Power Body: Formation of Ideo-Style

Key words: ideo-style, power body, communicative code


A. E. Lapin, Yu. S. Sannikova. Evolution of Normative and Legal Provision of Elaboration of Programmes and Strategies for Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation Constituent Entities

Кey words: programme for social and economic development of the Russian Federation constituent entity, regional economic policy, state regulation, forecast for territorial development, efficiency of regional state power bodies activities


V. P. Minichkina, M. V. Yakushkin. Monitoring of Efficiency of Local Self-Governing Authorities of the Region

Key words: local self-government, indices, efficiency evaluation, economic development, healthcare, education, housing and public utilities, housing, municipal administration, municipal districts, mechanisms, share, importance


D. Yu. Faikov, O. S. Ratkevich. Formation of Strategy for Development of Administrative and Territorial Entities of Closed Type

Key words: development strategy, administrative and territorial entities of closed type, social contract


S. V. Bulyarsky, S. A. Bulyarskaya, A. O. Sinitsin. Legal Foundations for Formation of Territorial Economic Clusters

Key words: economic clusters, non-commercial organisations, agreement on strategic partnership


N. D. Naidenov, E. N. Novokshonova. Territorial Allocation of Investments in the Region

Key words: investments, the Republic of Komi, entropy of territorial allo-cation of investments, optimisation of territorial allocation of investments


N. N. Semenova, O. I. Eremina. State Investment Support for Regional Agriculture

Key words: state support, investments, agriculture, state programme, priority national project


L. I. Zinina, T. V. Glukhova. Formation of System for Regional Food Market Regulation

Key words: food market, state regulation, consumer demand, food links, economic availability of food stuff, monitoring of food stuff, food resources, instruments of regulation, prognostication of demand


A. A. Dyakonov. Evaluation of Social and Economic Development Level of Kirov in Comparison with Other Administrative Centres of the Volga Federal District

Key words: integral evaluation of social an economic development level of cities, competitiveness of cities, grade rating evaluation of cities, expert and parameter research, coefficient of the specific parameter, integral index of relative competitiveness


S. V. Polutin, A. V. Sedletsky. Analysis of Innovative Potential of the Region.

Key words: innovation, innovative system, innovative potential, innovative infra-structure, technoparks, business-incubator, scientific research, scientific research results, technologies transfer


O. N. Vladimirova. Problems in Formation and Functioning of Innovative Infra-Structure in the Region

Key words: innovative infra-structure, principles for formation, innovative infra-structure institutes, normative provision


G. V. Barsukov, V. T. Smirnov, S. I. Pakhomov, E. Yu. Stepanova. Pre-sent-Day State and Perspectives for Development of Scientific and Pedagogic Personnel Training in the Doctorate

Key words: scientific and pedagogic personnel, doctorate, scientific researches, innovative development, new technologies, intellectual property


T. V. Klyukina. Informational Culture and Professional Creative Work of Humanist Students; Theory and Practice of Educational Activity in the Region

Key words: information, culture, personality, education, society, process, region, socium, transformation


E. G. Tikhonova. Peculiarities in Adaptation of Foreign Students in the Regional University

Key words: adaptation, higher education, foreign students, personality, interpersonal relations, socio-cultural environment


M. V. Tingaeva. Correspondence of Cash Revenue of Population of Russia and the Republic of Mordovia

Key words: population revenue, living wage, differentiation of population revenue, wages, real disposable income


R. S. Chumakov. Territorial Aspects of Life Quality in the Region

Key words: social policy, life quality, human development, social prosperity, social tension


E. E. Gorina. Employment Service: Formation and Optimisation of Fun-ctioning

Key words: employment service, administrative regulations, state service, unemployment level, labour inspection


D. M. Borisov. Status of Gastarbeiters in the Regions

Key words: gastarbeiter, foreign labour force, migration, region, labour market, the Republic of Mordovia


V. F. Yunusbaeva. Problems of Labour Resources in Rural Area Re-novation

Key words: agrarian sector, employment, rural   youth, migration, qualified personnel, employable age


L. V. Pustynnikova. Development of Youth Social Movement in the Territory of Sarov Urban District

Key words: youth, youth social movement, organisation, material and moral needs, knowledge and skills


T. N. Ivanova. Social and Economic Aspects of Professional Ambitions of Youth (after Example of Togliatti State University)

Key words: youth, pretensions, formation, market, self-determination, ambitions


Yu. V. Zetkina. Social Prophylaxis of Drug Addiction in the Region

Key words: social prophylaxis, drug addiction, drugs consumer, addiction, drug practice, youth, inter-institutional interaction, anti-drug policy, the Republic of Mordoviа


K. V. Dementyeva, P. F. Potapov. Regional Aspects of Interaction between Printed Press and Power

Key words: regional press, official editions, public opinion regulation, power bodies


L. I. Nikonova, V. P. Savka, A. I. Kargin. Connecting Thread between the Past and the Present: to the Story of Mordva Migration to the Far East

Key words: solidarity, Mordva, diaspora, peoples, the Far East, migration, traditional culture


N. F. Belyaeva. Ethnic Culture in Processes of Ethnic Identification and Cultural Dialogue

Key words: ethnicity, identity, self-identification, poly-culture, tolerance, culture, national development, cultural dialogue


N. A. Galaktionova. Peculiarities in Modern Processes of Regionalisation and Formation of Regional Identity.

Key words: poly-ethnic community, value systems, civil identity, regional identity, regionalisation


T. N. Sukonkina. Formation of Multi-Cultural Society in the Region

Key words: multi-culturalism, poly-culturalism, ethno-cultural pluralism, self-identification, tolerance, international relations, poly-ethnicity, multi-confessionalism


V. I. Dobrynina, N. S. Kuleshova. Ethno-Socio-Cultural Potential of Post-Soviet States Located in Euro-Asian Space

Key words: ethnos, ethno-socio-cultural potential, human capital, risk society, demographic tendencies, migrants, adaptation, assimilation


T. Kh. Salkaev. Specificity of Confessional Culture of the Volga Re-gion.

Key words: inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations, the Volga Region, tradition, symbiosis, morals, value norms


A. V. Lebedev. Religious Culture as Translator of Moral Valuables of Society

Key words: religion, Christianity, Bible, morals, moral valuables, personality, ideology


Z. N. Khabibullina. Dialogue of Ideologies «the East — the West —             Russia» through the Prism of Russian Cosmism

Key words: the East, the West: Russian cos-mism, civilisation, ideal, ideology, globalisation, human being


A. A. Yudin. Regional Aspects of Moral Estrangement Overcoming

Key words: estrangement, moral, moral tradition, conflict, poly-ethnicity, civil consciousness, globalisation, humanity, social capital, regional policy


V. A. Lomshin. Monetary Reform of 1947 and Cancellation of Card System.

Key words: money, reform, card system, taxes


V. S. Svyatogorova. Creative Interpretation of Mordva Mythology in Ethno-Futurism

Key words: the mythological, the ethnic, ethno-futurism, post-modernism in arts, provincial art, art of Mordva, artificial language


E. M. Melyakina. Formation and Development of Peoples Singing Cul-ture in the Region

Key words: song, peoples manner of singing, po-lyphony, voice timbre, peoples music, folklore, chorus performance, peoples group, amateur singing arts, professional singing art


V. V. Leonov. Images of Nature in Mordovian Mythology as Basis for Moral Valuables Formation

Key words: moral valuables, human being, nature, ecological crisis, ethnos, Mordovian mythology


E. A. Tinyakova. Memorial Museums of Province as Element of Russian Culture

Key words: culture, museum, province, capital, routine, history of professions, memory about the past, exhibitions, expositions, memorial, prominent perso-nalities, social order, foundation for modern age

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