About the Journal

Russian Journal of Regional Studies (Regionology) was founded in October 1992 on the basis of the Research Institute for Regionology at Mordovia State University (Saransk, Russia). The originator of the Journal and its Editor-in-chief for many years (until 24 December 2010) was a prominent Russian philosopher and sociologist, public and political figure, enthusiast and organizer of science and education, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Alexander I. Sukharev (1931-2010). At the turn of the 1980-90s, he developed an integrated area of research called Regionology, associated with the systematic study and discussion of the consistent patterns of harmonious and interrelated development of regions in a single federal state.

Russian Journal of Regional Studies (Regionology) has become a platform for popularization and mainstreaming of this area of research. Today, the Journal publishes original scientific papers on topical issues of regional policies, Economics and Sociology, as well as articles analyzing comprehensive development of the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

The priority goals and objectives of the Journal are:

— to cover important issues of the state structure of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, as well as peculiarities of regional political regimes in the world today;

— to describe the processes taking place in the regions in the economic, social and political context;

— to present results of pieces of original political, sociological, and economic research;

— to disseminate ideas of scholars and practitioners for developing scientifically dubstantiated mechanisms and practice-oriented strategies for the harmonious development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and foreign countries;

— to ensure high professional quality of published papers by virtue of peer review;
— to increase the prominence and credibility of the Journal.

The target audience of the Journal is researchers and scholars who study the issues of regional policies, Economics, and Sociology at both the theoretical and empirical levels. The Journal is addressed to specialists and experts representing sociological, information and analytical services of public and non-governmental organizations, commercial structures; it is aimed at those interested in the issues of regional policies, Economics and Sociology.