Key words


V. I. Sukharev. Problems and Perspectives for Development of State Industrial Policy of the Russian Federation in Crisis Conditions.

Key words: production forces; labour productivity; social and economic policy; industrial policy; strategy; crisis; innovative development


M. E. Ryabova. Formation of New Identities: Dialectics of the Global and the Regional.

Key words: centre; region; self-identification; dual opposition; globalisation; space; localism


I. V. Bakhlov, O. P. Berezina. Domestic Experience of Developing State with Autonomous Entities such as Federations.

Key words: autonomy; asymmetry; local self-government; periphery; federalism; federative project; federation


E. V. Golovatsky. Resource Equipage of Political Novelties: Regional Dimension.

Key words: political novelties; resources; region; sociological research; resource exploitation


O. V. Bakhlova. Inter-Regional Co-Operation as Factor for Integration of Russia and Byelorussia.

Key words: integration; region; co-operation; Union State; constituent entity of Federation; territory; sales volume


L. N. Ruzavin. Technologies for Formation of Constituent Entity of the Federation Image in the Conditions of Modern Territorial Organisation of Russia.

Key words: image; character; constituent entity of Federation; region; territorial organisation of state; federalism; region; policy; regional development; technology; strategy


E. R. Yanborisova. Implementation of Social Technology of Anti-Crisis PR Mechanism in the Region.

Key words: target group; crisis situation; mass communication channels; key problems; social stability; life quality; focus-group; partner relations; competence of municipalities; informational campaigns; local self-government bodies; anti-crisis PR


R. A. Abramov. Problems of Anti-Crisis Regional Innovative Programmes Formation.

Key words: innovative development; programmes; investments; regional innovation policy; crisis


A. V. Akisheva. Innovative Approach in Co-Operation between a Commercial Bank and a Borrower in Credit Risk Minimisation.

Key words: economic integration; sustainable partnership; real sector of economics; banking sector of economics; cluster


S. A. Bartanov. Influence of Energy Potential on Economics of the Volga Federal District Regions.

Key words: power resources; power potential of the region; cluster analysis; economic differentiation


A. Ch. Kokov, A. M. Apekov. Problems and Perspectives for Development of Price Policy in Electric and Energy Complex of the North Caucasus Republics.

Key words: region; electric power; experience; development; pricing; index of actual volume; traditional production; structure of industry


Z. A. Sharafutdinova. Rent Relations in Land Utilisation in the Region.

Key words: land relations; land tax; rent; land rent; absolute rent; differentiated rent of types I and II


N. N. Semenova. Budget Financing of Agriculture in the Region.

Key words: budget financing; state support; subsidy; agriculture; the Republic of Mordovia


L. S. Rauzhina. Post-War Development of Co-Operative Industry in the Region.

Key words: consumer co-operation; consumer society; co-operative industry; co-operative trade; enterprises of Mordovia Consumer Society; production; consumer goods


T. A. Kuznetsova, A. A. Tashkinov, S. I. Pakhomov. Inter-University Co-Operation in the Course of Implementation of Scientific Personnel Training Programmes.

Key words: quality of education; scientific personnel; inter-university co-operation; competence model; efficiency of educational programmes


N. A. Chekanina. Regional Aspects of Higher School Financing.

Key words: higher education; cost estimate; monetary funds; mechanism of financing; financial resources; budget financing


A. V. Makarkin. Dynamics of University Graduates Employment.

Key words: job placement; employment; graduate; labour market; tendencies; unemployment


E. V. Eremina. Subject Field and Terms of Reference of Sociological Research in the Region.

Key words: space; region; sociology of the region; sociology in the region; functional integration


A. S. Pliguzov. Some Aspects of Human Capital Development.

Key words: human capital; social dependency; state policy; moral potential; society; civilisation


A. N. Ershov, O. S. Ivleva. Problem of Gender Equality in Social Management: Regional Aspect.

Key words: gender equality; social management; women’s leadership; social interests; motivation; elite; effective manager


Yu. Yu. Kudashkina. Sustainable Development and Life Quality of Population of the Region.

Key words: social development; living standards; quality of life; social indicators; population; society; region; social sphere; index of quality of life


A. A. Anoshkin. Entrepreneurship Development in the Region.

Key words: small business; entrepreneurs; enterprise; competition; market; sales volume


M. S. Tretyakov. Youth on Regional Labour Market.

Key words: youth; employment; labour market; unemployment; personnel; labour potential; private sector; education; job experience


V. A. Smirnov. Entrepreneurship Youth Public Associations of the Region.

Key words: youth public association; self-organisation; potential of the society; transformation of the society; life-sustaining activity


M. M. Gudov, E. R. Tsulaya. Evaluation of Development Character of Social Infrastructure of the Rural Area of the Region.

Key words: rural area social infrastructure; demographic indices; prosperity; housing stock; education; cultural institutions; public health care; transport availability; communication


G. A. Voznyuk. Influence of Social Insurance Elements on Life Quality of an Industrial Enterprise Employees in the Region.

Key words: living standards; quality of life; subjective evaluation; social insurance; individual requirements


E. V. Ryazantsev, V. E. Ryazantsev. Organisational, Methodical and Personnel Provision of Urologic Service.

Key words: urology; ambulatory and stationary medical aid; labour organisation; incidence of disease; legal basis for activities


K. A. Antonov. Agenda Setting by Regional Mass Media.

Key words: agenda; mass media; «agenda setting»; phenomenological analysis; content-analysis; media-corporation; internal properties


A. A. Koshelev. Regional Peculiarities of TV Advertisement Perception by the Youth.

Key words: advertisement; commercial; youth; relation to advertisement; recognizability of advertisement brands


S. A. Tumenova. Competitive Advantages of Recreation Complex of the Region.

Key words: competitive ability of the region; balneological resources; climate; hydro-mineral ground; mineral water; salutary dirt; air pool; recreation and cognitive resources; historical and cultural resources


E. R. Safargaliev. Culture Substrate as Factor for Dynamic Transformations in the Conditions of Poly-Ethnicity of the Region.

Key words: ethos; nation; poly-ethnic society; business culture; state; professional culture; ethics


I. A. Kuptsova. Axiological and Conceptual Interrelation of Russian Provinciality and Mass Culture.

Key words: mass culture; Russian provincial culture; culture codes; semantics; cultural space


T. V. Yurkina. Language Consciousness, Cultural Concept and Problem of Self-Identity.

 Key words: language consciousness; national ideology; concept; worldview; self-identification; mentality


G. S. Popova. Anima. Totem, Fetish in Root Culture — Trinity of Spiritual Interrelation between the Nature and the Human Being.

Key words: anima; totem; fetish; root culture; trinity; moral tie; the nature and the human being


R.M. Sharipova. Tatar Chorus Culture in 1917—1930.

Key words: Tatar song; chorus; revolution songs; group; concert; chorus culture; musical culture


E. Yu. Kulyaeva. Artists of the Russian province: I. S. Goryushkin-Sorokopudov and F. V. Sychkov.

Key words: culture and art of the province; visual art of the XXth century; Russian province image in the art

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